The Importance Of Quality Backlinks to your site

Search Engine Optimisation is important for any online business.  That’s why it’s important to hire the right Company that is highly equipped to service your needs


Your business is your lifeline and when it comes to your bottom line, the  SEO Company you hire will need to have your best interests at heart.

You need to do your homework, ask them the right questions, drill down into what they are actually going to do for your website to flourish.

Quality backlinks is one of the services that they will provide.  Links coming from websites to your website that have the right amount of authority and trust attached to them.  This information will then forward this power to your website increasing your website’s authority.

Being able to view and understand analytics of websites and backlinks is an important part of a Digital Marketing Agency.


Quality Backlinks


You need to be patient……..

You as a business don’t need to know all this, that’s why you hire them.  You also need to know that you need to be very patient from the start.

Your website needs to gain trust from the search engines and increase in domain authority.

This does not happen overnight.  Sometimes it can take up to eighteen months to get to page 1 of the search engines depending on the keyword you are going for.

The more difficult the keyword, the longer it will take to get to Page 1.  What we mean by difficult is there are certain keywords that thousands if not millions of websites are targeting.  Therefore, if you want to go after a keyword with a difficulty of over 45%, it is going to take some time for your website to move up in the rankings.

Once you have decided to hire the right SEO Agency, the sky will be the limit, as you will be receiving increased traffic, phone calls and conversions.

The reason for this is that 89% of online users do not click past page 1 as they feel that the first website they see on page 1 is the most trusted by Google.

Wouldn’t you use the websites you see on the first page?  I would!


Internet Marketing for Business – Hire the right SEO Company


Hiring the right SEO Services for your Business

Reputable SEO Agency

SEO comes with various costings.  A good deal of research will uncover that the range for this service will be around $200 to around $5000 per month.  You may wonder why there is a such a large variance in these numbers.  The reason is that “you get what you pay for”.  Are the cheaper companies actually doing anything to optimise your website?  They couldn’t possibly be.  They need the funds that you give them to analyse the data, create new sites and backlinks to point to your website to provide domain and trust authority.



There are various types of SEO agencies:


The more experienced Company – 

These companies will consistently work with integrity with the clients that they have a relationship with. They will know the value of a good long-term business relationship and will always deliver on their promises in their marketing strategies set out from the start.  Analytics are scrutinised to provide the results required as you would expect when signing up with a reputable service provider. If your SEO Agency’s sole aim is to provide you with outstanding results, you know you have hired the right company to move your company to the top.


Then there is the Company that really doesn’t know any better –

Unfortunately there are many companies that will outsource everything they do for you.  They are not performing any of the tasks promised and therefore have no knowledge on how to actually check the work that comes back.  Therefore, they are at the mercy of the outsourcers, who are not working in your best interest and in addition are not providing quality work.


The SEO provider that is just looking to collect as quickly as possible and will make you huge promises – 

The ones that will make you promises and tell you anything that you want to hear. Sure! We can get you ranked number one on the search engines in 5 days!  If you pay now, you will get a free bonus!


Your income profits for your business are important to you, we know, but it is important to know that you must allow a marketing budget for search engine optimisation.  Please do not be solely focussed on price as it will be to your detriment.  It will end up costing you much more than you bargained for when you should have just hired the more experienced consultants from a more reputable SEO Agency right from the start.

Good luck with your search!